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Did you know that conversion rates fall by 12% for every extra second it takes for your website to load? How much money do you think you're LEAVING ON THE TABLE?

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Whether your designing your website's homepage to present your brand or a landing page to capture leads, the design of each page must serve a purpose. Often, businesses focus on their websites aesthetics prior it's function. Your website is the most relevant extension of your brand. It needs to carry both your voice and vision while directing your visitors to take a desired action.


A responsive website is one that presents well on all devices. While the list of reasons why this is important is long, there are two that matter most. One, the majority of people that visit your website will do so on their phones and Two, Google promotes websites that are mobile optimized. While it is true that the customer is always comes first, we must also keep the Google gods happy!


In today's day and age, we as consumers don't like to wait, and neither does Google. For every extra second that your website takes to load your conversion rate, on average, will fall 12%. If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load Google will dock you. Google has put such a strong focus on responsiveness and speed that they actually look at how fast your website loads on both desktop and mobile. And if you didn't already know, there are now two indexes driving how you get ranked for desktop & mobile searches. Regarding performance, speed & responsiveness are of the highest priority.

​Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Have you ever thought about what color the button on your contact form should be, tested the headline copy for your call to action, or tested different page designs entirely? We have, and you might be surprised and what you'd find if you did as well. Split testing and conversion rate optimization is key to understanding what makes your visitors respond, decreases your acquisition costs and provides unparalleled insights into what makes your audience tick.

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Your website is your customers' window to your brand. When built correctly it can be your largest asset. Done poorly, it can be holding you back from the growth that your brand deserves. Contact one of our Website Specialists today and find out how we can help you take your site to the next level!

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