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Alaskans use at least 3 of the 8 major social media platforms, do you know which ones your customers are engaging with most?

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Social media is 100% necessary for any business owner. PERIOD, end of sentence. The biggest question you should be asking yourself is how to leverage these platforms to provide value, reach & engage with your customers most effectively.


Choosing a social media platform to focus on can be difficult. Often times social platforms are used handle areas of ones business independently. It all comes down to your brand, customer demographic, where they are engaging most and how they use the platform to engage.


Social media platforms allow you to display your brands voice through many different mediums. Whether you run a high end apparel brand or the dive bar down the street, social media gives you the opportunity to present your brand, tell them what's important to you, and show them what value you provide.


Post with purpose. Posting invaluable or irrelevant content is the fastest way to decrease your brands worth. There is an art and a science to posting on social media. Post too much and you can annoy your audience, post too little and you can become irrelevant. It is vitally important to have a content & posting strategy to determine what & where to post when.


Whether you post an image, video, engaging content or go live on Facebook, you are communicating. As with all forms of communication, it is a two way street. The importance of responding to your audience in a timely manor is often overlooked. People want to have conversations, if you're responding to a comment or a review posted 2 weeks ago the spark is lost.


Communicating on social platforms allows us use tools to engage in very unique ways. Creating fun contests, questionnaires or surveys is a great way to wake up your audience, create massive engagement, drive leads, and expand your sphere of influence. Plus it allows you to provide value & learn more about what your customers truly like or dislike.

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