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Do you know that your business has a brand? Do you know what that means? A brand is many things, and it is one of your business' greatest assets.

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What is a BRAND?

Not a simple question. A brand is many things, not one thing you can simply point to like a logo or a product. Your brand is the way your company or organization is perceived by its customers, employees, the media, or really anyone who comes into contact with the brand. At the core, your brand has four components: Mission, Vision, Voice, and Values. These combine into your overall expression. From how you see your organization to how you speak to the consumer. Even the values you hold high are part of your brand positioning.


Mission creates the followers of your brand. It is a guide to what your brand is trying to achieve, whether it is in five years or further into the future. It is really a mindset that continually drives your organization forward.


Vision is the ideas behind a brand that help guide the future. A great vision reflects and supports the business strategy, differentiates from competitors, resonates with customers, energizes and inspires employees, and helps to drive the marketing of the organization.


Voice is where you state your beliefs. How you say it reveals your personality, whether it’s clever, serious, funny, witty, deadpan, academic, or corporate. Your brand voice crosses all mediums, from social media to advertising. It is the character of your brand.


Values are the heart of your brand. Values are the compass that points your organization to the true north of your success. Everything radiates from these core values; the voice, the design, even how you handle the relationships involved with your organization. Values are an essential component of the whole brand, and the other components can’t function properly without them.

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