The mis-conceptualism of entrepreneurialism in today’s age is a set-up for FAILURE! There is this sexy draw that is lingering around every social media wave and publication just baiting the masses. The glorified title of the entrepreneur.

The online whispers make you think of glamorous riches, huge mansions, the most luxurious vehicles, your own personal jet in the sky and private islands with palm trees! While all of this is attainable, the misnomer is that it is easily done with little work. This mindset is total junk and the overall set-up for failure!!!

Unfortunately, the large majority of people that get sucked into this type of mindset and actually attempt to make a change in their life, constantly fall short, lose money and FAIL!

Why, you ask?

Because, unbeknownst to them, it is hard ass work! And, at the first sign of hard work, most turnaround and run!

Let’s dig a little deeper!


So, what is an entrepreneur anyway? I’m willing to bet 9 out of 10 people have never even looked up the definition of entrepreneur. Let’s find out what has to say…

Entrepreneur– “A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.”

Considerable initiative and risk? What? Really? Well, that changes things don’t it?!?

So, why is there this misconception? And, why are there so many people drawn to becoming an entrepreneur?

In today’s society, our culture highlights entrepreneurship as a prestigious way of attracting wealth and power. We see stories of startup tech CEOs making it huge and doing it fast. The technology and social platforms that we use right now allow communication to be endless and everywhere. These avenues carry the message that anyone can be an entrepreneur! New entrepreneurs feel that this path will allow them to ditch their 40 hour a week job and become their own boss with unlimited freedom. They feel like it is an easy way to attain wealth and that the money is going to pour right out of the screen into their wallet.

These are the stories were hearing online right? We see the glamour of the story but never the hard work of the story. Therefore, so many people jump into the game without being properly prepared. The failure rate for new entrepreneurs and startups is astronomical.

Real Quick, Reality Sets In…

New entrepreneurs find themselves working three times as much, investing considerable resources and making large personal sacrifices!!!

How many times have you come across someone in passing or in the coffee shop with the grandeur story of how they were an entrepreneur or had a business? The key words here are- “Were an Entrepreneur or Had a Business” … Then, here come the excuses. They like to glorify the fact that they were a business owner or an entrepreneur. But, the stories are never about personally taking responsibility for the failure of their initiatives!

So, how in the world do you get this entrepreneur thing right?

Here’s a hint –



Entrepreneurs are leaders! Whether you like it or not, if you are going to be an entrepreneur you must lock, load and LEAD! I’m not talking about you leading others either. I’m talking about you leading YOU!

Yes, you have the ability to achieve the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted! Yes, you can be a successful entrepreneur! Yes, you can have a growth income versus a fixed income! Yes, you can control your own outcomes and create the freedom you’ve always been searching for!

How? Dig Deep, Grab Your Grit and Start Leading YOU!


An Entrepreneurial Leader Is In A Constant State Of Learning

Before you engage, you better get to work and learn everything that you can possibly get your mind around on the topic of the business that you are going to run! And then, study more!

An Entrepreneurial Leader is Always Moving Forward

They don’t have time to sit around complaining and moaning about resistance in their forward progress. They analyze any issues, create resolution steps, develop action plans, and then take massive action! The implementation of knowledge is power.

An Entrepreneurial Leader Strives for Effective Time Management

Driven to succeed, their time is extremely important! They know every moment counts and effectively leverage the time of their day for advancement. Manage your daily workflow wisely. All 24 hours. Listening to music while they drive their car? I don’t think so. E-books, podcasts and more fill their speakers.

An Entrepreneurial Leader Meditates and Visualizes

Visualizing all the steps necessary to get to the results, they meditate and focus on a higher level and feel the emotions of the success. Even if they don’t see all the steps necessary to get to the result, they take the next step in faith and confidence.

An Entrepreneurial Leader takes Full Responsibility

A true leader knows that their actions equal results, good or bad. They understand that they are the responsible party for all and any outcomes. Responsible for success and for failure. They make the hard decisions for themselves and all that depends on them.

An Entrepreneurial Leader Never Complains

They understand that their life and outcome is the way that it is because of their willingness to do or not to do what it takes to make a difference. Understanding the supreme choice, they don’t choose to whine and stay stuck. Rather, they create plans that move them forward toward the life they want.

An Entrepreneurial Leader Applies Maximum Effort

They are the doers. Understanding that it takes effort to increase wisdom, be more loved, become healthier, be successful and gain wealth. Effort in = Success out.

An Entrepreneurial Leader is a Good Listener and of Quality Service to Others

To be of service to others without being self-serving is selfless. Listen to your customers. They however, have all the information you need to understand how to serve them. You will be rewarded for listening to their needs and serving their solution.

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Jake Wolfe
Known as the Master SGT of Digital Marketing, Mr. Wolfe brings Massive Action to a new level. He is always moving forward, being of service to others, and enjoys bringing value through coaching to unlock individuals and companies digital marketing personal brilliance!!!