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Facebook Custom Audience = -1?

Have an unhappy customer on your hands because you can't tell them their audience size?  Or, are you in panic mode because you don't know if those ads you have running are using your custom audience data? Grab a drink and relax because we not only have the details on what's going on, we have a SOLUTION!

Facebook is at it again! Many of you may have noticed that your custom audiences size says "Not available" or even better "-1".

Everything was fine a couple of days ago, but now it looks like your hosed, right?  Well, I am happy to tell you that is not the case my friend!  In the search for more information, I contacted our Facebook rep and got a few of the finer details.

Apparently, Facebook identified a technical issue with reach estimation for Custom Audiences that could potentially allow misuse of the tool. For the time being, they temporarily removed the ability to see reach estimates for the following Custom Audience types:

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