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The True Grit of an Entrepreneurial Leader

The mis-conceptualism of entrepreneurialism in today’s age is a set-up for FAILURE! There is this sexy draw that is lingering around every social media wave and publication just baiting the masses. The glorified title of the entrepreneur.

The online whispers make you think of glamorous riches, huge mansions, the most luxurious vehicles, your own personal jet in the sky and private islands with palm trees! While all of this is attainable, the misnomer is that it is easily done with little work. This mindset is total junk and the overall set-up for failure!!!

Unfortunately, the large majority of people that get sucked into this type of mindset and actually attempt to make a change in their life, constantly fall short, lose money and FAIL!

Why, you ask?

Because, unbeknownst to them, it is hard ass work! And, at the first sign of hard work, most turnaround and run!

Let’s dig a little deeper!

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